"Over the past 40years, l have been a party to (or closely involved with) 38 residential real estate transactions - 23 as buyer, 15 as seller, some as personal or family homes, others as investments. The 12 smoothest, easiest, least muddled transactions have been those in which Terri Lou was my agent. (The other transactions were before I met Terri 25+ years ago, were out-of-state, or were transactions where others already had agent representation.)

With Terri as my agent, l'm completely confident that she's working for my best interests. I consistently receive excellent, well-researched, and knowledgeable advice from her. She handles negotiations very well. She notices and avoids pitfalls or potential problems (or points out and explains problems in advance, if they're unavoidable). She works with and recommends highly competent ancillary personnel (escrow officers, property inspectors, etc.). And she sees to it that the transactions close promptly and efficiently. She NEVER wastes my time. This is what Terri has ALWAYS provided to me as my agent!

Terri is perpetually "on top of things" - working hard to achieve favorable results for me. Her communication habits are extraordinary - l'm never left wondering "what's going on?" or "what's happening next?" Terri provides the answers, often before the questions even arisel Terri adheres to the highest ethical and professional business standards - a fact that is reinforced whenever l'm speaking with a mutual acquaintance and Terri's name comes up. She's bright, personable, enthusiastic, knows the market, fully understands her business, and - without exaggeration - is a real-estate dynamo. When asked for professional referrals, I usually give multiple names; but when asked for a top notch residential real estate agent, I only (and gladly) name Terri Lou."

- Matthew P Saczawa


"Mark and I had a busy 2015, selling our family home and a rental house and buying our current home all in one year. Terri Lou was an invaluable friend and Realtor during this long and sometimes stressful process. She held many open houses at the homes we were selling, and we spent countless days with her looking at homes to buy before we found the “perfect” one. Once we were under contract on each of the houses, there was always a deadline when something had to be started or completed. Terri kept everything on schedule for us and reminded us of every date. She often brought paperwork to us when it was more convenient for us. When challenges arose, as they always do when selling or buying a property, Terri handled the necessary negotiations on our behalf and kept things moving to bring all three of the transactions to a successful close! Terri is a knowledgeable Realtor with many years of experience. We are very grateful to her and would call Terri again for any real estate needs."

- Dr. Mark and Kathy Heisler


"Terri has been our trusted realtor and friend for over 15 years. She has assisted us in many transactions including the sale and purchase of several houses, as well as serving our extended family in multiple sales (2+) and purchases (4+) of their real estate as well. Most recently, she sold our $1M+ home in North Scottsdale in four and a half months, at the price we were targeting, when the average home took over twelve months to sell in the area.

Terri is a consummate professional, extremely responsive and organized. She is always quick to help and has an extensive network of service providers to augment her services. We have happily referred Terri to our family and friends over the years and consistently received positive feedback on Terri's expertise and assistance."

- David & Suping Joe


"We didn't know much about the real estate purchasing process and were referred by a family member. Terri was amazing in both her knowledge and her tenacity when dealing on our behalf. She constantly monitored communications between our mortgage company, as well as the home seller providing a very hassle free experience. We highly recommend Terri Lou's service. Thanks, Terri!"

- Doug Eldridge and Sarah Bock


"Terri Lou has served as our realtor on numerous occasions, representing us both as buyers and sellers. We enjoy working with her for several reasons. First, she is thorough with her follow through and communication and equally important is her meticulous attention to detail regarding the paper work involved in any transaction. Her integrity results in a satisfactory conclusion of any transaction. She is on the

lookout for the well-being of her clients. At the present, we are working with her on other real estate projects and she will be representing us in the future, whether we are buying or selling."

- Chris and Lorraine Kulpinski